Archive Studies

Selection of Market Studies carried out before the year 2000.

Electrical and Electronic Year Country
Solar panels and alternative energy 1999 Europe
The market for dc/ac inverters 1999 Europe
Battery equalisers for coach and bus 1999 UK
Cable reels 1999 UK
LEDs (Light emitting diodes) 1999 Europe
Volumetric package scanning devices 1998 World
Printed circuit board inspection machines 1998 World
European Battery Charger Market 1997 Europe
Bar and Matrix code scanners 1997 Europe
Remote Battery Monitoring systems 1997 Australia, UK
Electric traction wheel mounted motors 1997 Europe, USA
Powered wheelchair controllers and motors 1996 Taiwan
DC/AC electrical inverters 1995 USA
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems 1995 USA
Optoelectronics - Acquisition study 1995 USA

Engineering and Industrial Year Country
Gear rack – a market entry strategy 1999 USA
Large cooling and process water filters 1999 UK
Nonwoven textiles slitting machines 1999 Europe, USA
Industrial metal component washing 1998 UK
Small magnetic drive gear pumps 1998 Europe
Machine tool digital readouts 1998 Germany
Electric diesel fuel pumps 1998 Europe
Metal cutting saws and consumables 1998 UK
Potential for DIN standard rod ends 1998 Germany
Gear racks 1997 Germany
Coated abrasives market 1997 USA
Abrasive flap discs and carbide burrs 1997 Germany
Rod ends and ball joints 1997 Germany
European Market for Grinding tools 1996 Europe
Wide Belt Industrial Wood Sanders 1996 Germany
Foundry coremaking machinery 1996 EU, USA, Asia
Potential market for selected industrial products (gear racks, DROs, fasteners, electric motors) 1996 Sing., Malay., Thai., Ind.
MIG, TIG and Electron Beam Welders 1995 Europe
Laser Profiling and cutting tables 1995 UK
The gas turbine maintenance market 1995 USA
Web coating, slitting and drying machines 1995 Europe, USA