Key Reports 2010-15

Project Content Year
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) The world ‘active’ population of UAVs was 13,300 in 2014. Market value $3.7bn (3,700 units) in 2015 rising to $5.6bn (5,000 units by 2018). 2015
Energy Recovery Systems Microturbines (2,000 annual sales) led by Capstone (70%). Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) engines has tripled from 10MW to 30MW since 2009. GE, Ormat, Turboden are the market leaders. 2015
Variable Speed Compressors 40% energy saving for air conditioning/heat pumps using single shaft, magnetic bearings, permanent magnet synchronous motors, variable drives. Leaders Danfoss, Daikin, Hitachi, Johnson Controls. 2015
Life Sciences Instrumentation $100bn market led by major US companies Danaher ($25bn), ThermoFisher ($13bn), BD Biosciences ($9bn), Agilent ($7bn).
DNA sequencing ($1.1bn), Polymerase Chain Reaction – PCR ($2.5bn), Microarrays ($1bn), DNA preparation equipment and consumables ($2.0bn), Label-free cell detection ($200mn).
Biobanks of the World A survey of 424 Biobanks in North America, Europe and Asia. European and Nordic countries account for 52%; the highest concentration in Germany (102 Biobanks). 2013
High Speed Scientific Cameras Increasingly important in cell research (spectroscopy and imaging), gene sequencing, drug development and cancer diagnosis. A $2bn market of which Scientific Research ($410mn), OEMs($210mn), Systems ($230), Other - Military, Media, |Industry ($1,150mn). 2013
Scrap Metal Analysers 7,000 units in 2012; forecast to reach 10,000 by 2020. Market leaders Niton-Thermo (40%), Olympus-InnovX (30%), Oxford Instruments (10%). 2012
Japanese Roller Chain Market A £1bn Japanese market for industrial, conveyor, automotive and motorcycle chain. Interviews carried out by the consultant throughout Japan. Market dominated by Tsubaki (60%), Daido (20%), Sugiyama (5%) and five other small Japanese manufacturers). 2012
Fusion Reactors (Tokamaks) Potential market for experimental Tokamaks for plasma experiments in universities and research institutes. Annual demand 2-3 instruments. Product developed at Culham Centre of Fusion Energy). 2011
Fuel Cell Markets 13,000 fuel cells representing MW94.7 were produced in 2010. USA dominates with FuelCellEnergy (21%), Ballard (19%), UTC Power (16%). Large-scale generation accounts for 50% of the market, Back-Up Power 20%, Motive Power 20%, Domestic Power 10%). 2011
Air Pad Bearings A $40mn market for frictionless air bearings used in Metrology and High-Speed Automation (pick and place machines), Flat-screen TV production. Market leader New Way (60%), Eitzenburger (10%), Leuven (5%)). 2010
MRI and CT Scanners World population of 34,000 MRI scanners of which USA 40%, Japan 20%. GE (40%), Siemens (20%), Philips (12%), Hitachi (10%). A study exploring the potential for refurbished MRI and CT equipment market in the United States. 2010