Andrew Wallace CV & Bibliography

Andrew Wallace specialises in market research and consultancy in Nanotechnology, Semiconductors, the Electronics Industry and emerging markets for New Technologies.

A fluent speaker of French and German, with a good working knowledge of Spanish, Andrew Wallace offers extensive international experience. He has undertaken more than two hundred and fifty projects in over forty countries.

His career as a consultant began with The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), writing for EIU specialist publications and undertaking market research assignments on behalf of international organisations. He worked in Brussels, London and Munich and spent two years as manager of the EIU Paris office.

Andrew Wallace is now based in London, with an office in Manchester. Most of his clients are located around universities and emerging technology centres near Oxford, Cambridge, Southampton and Manchester.

When not seen striding on and off aeroplanes between the world’s capitals, he can be observed sailing a classic English sailing yacht, a Contessa 32. Alternatively, riding and maintaining a temperamental old British motorcycle and sports car, the consequence of a life long fascination with all things mechanical.

Poryrait of Andrew Wallace